Class Descriptions

We have many classes for all fitness levels to choose from. All classes are one hour unless otherwise specified.


For All levels, a fusion of easy to follow Latin & International dance, Zumba utilizes the principles of interval training to maximize caloric output for fat burning and total body toning.

Ab Lab

All levels, 15 minutes focusing solely on strengthening and defining the ab muscles.


This is an intense workout incorporating various cardiovascular drills and strength drills. It meets in the group exercise studio, however instructors may incorporate outdoor exercising & use of gym equipment.

Cardio Pilates Fusion:

All levels, 30 minutes cardio ( instructor’s choice of step aerobics, high/low aerobics, cycling, kick boxing or dance movement). Followed by a powerful 30 minutes pilates mat session to strengthen & sculpt the abdominal’s.

Chair Exercise

All Levels, A 30 minute, gentle exercise class while seated to improve flexibility and increase strength & coordination through the use of dumbells, exercise bands and body weight. ( No cardiovascular exercise.)

Interval Training

All levels, This class will change the shape of your body! 7 minute cardio intervals ( utilizing the ‘step’ platform ) alternated with 3 minute strength intervals.

YOGA – Multi Level

All levels, An ancient practice designed to awaken a greater awareness of the subtle qualities of balance, alignment and the mind/body connection using traditional asanas and breathing exercises. Your own yoga mat is recommended.

Pilates- All levels

Pilates is a body conditioning routine that seeks to build flexibility, strength, endurance and coordination without adding muscle bulk. Our class will increase circulation and help to sculpt your body and strengthen your body’s “core”.


This is a 45 minute workout for people of all ages and fitness levels. This non-impact cardiovascular workout uses road cycling techniques on stationary bikes to give you a great fat burning and cardio workout!

Total Body Conditioning

Have it all! Cardiovascular exercise, strength training, body sculpting and ab work ( cardio portion is instructor’s choice of step aerobics, high/low aerobics, cycling, kickboxing or dance movement).


Beginning to Intermediate, Exercise designed to improve functional strength and balance and includes aerobic exercise. Class format varies from week to week.


All levels, enjoy burning calories and sweat to great music while learning or enhancing your salsa dance steps! Tone your body and have fun while doing it!

Stress Reduction Yoga

Beginning class using traditional asanas (poses), and breathing exercises. Each class will emphasize gentle and healthy approaches towards flexibility, concentration, and well being. Your own yoga mat is recommended.

Step/ Strength

All levels, combo of step and strength exercise to reduce your body fat, develop and enhance your muscle tone. Increase your muscular strength. Tailored to individual taste by inserting risers under the step. High energy, heart pumping classes using step choreography to keep you moving and grooving to the beat of music!

Cardio Kickboxing

All levels, Kick and Punch those calories away with a fun workout! learn to properly throw an assorment of kicks and punches in combination with various bodyweight exercises mixed in. You will be punching and kicking pads with target mitts at times, so it isstrongly recommended to bring in your own boxing gloves.3grammar check essay